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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    In this release we bring you the ability to broadcast *live* to unlimited viewers. This is preview {prototype} introduction to MeTV!. Users that download the app during the prototype phase will be given 'VIP' account status. Users that purchase the app during the prototype phase will be given 'Exclusive' account status. This is a permanent perk that will be shown in your account profile as well. The trial version is fully functional and no different than the non-trial. Non-Trial users will however enjoy benefits and rewards that are unique to those who have purchased the app. MeTV! runs on all windows 8, windows 8.1 devices. You need a device camera to broadcast. You need an internet connection to both broadcast and view broadcasts. The quality of your device, camera, and network connection will affect your overall experience.


Broadcast *LIVE* from your mobile device to unlimited simultaneous viewers around the world. MeTV! allows an unlimited number of concurrent broadcasters to each broadcast live video to an unlimited number of real-time viewers. MeTV! users can request broadcasts based on specific interests, specific subjects, specific broadcasters, or specific geographic locations and have those requests immediately fulfilled by other MeTV! users. Viewers can interact during broadcasts and continue to socially connect in a variety of ways at any time. With MeTV!, you can be anywhere anytime or everywhere whenever you want. This is a preview {prototype} release with all of the fully functional broadcasting and viewing capabilities available. There are number of great additions coming soon. Please pardon our imperfection(s) while we bring you the cool stuff, we promise it will be worth it...


  • Broadcast live video to as many viewers that are interested in watching. Broadcasting is done from internet-connected devices. This includes tablets, notebooks, desktops...
  • Interact with the broadcaster and other viewers during the broadcast real-time.
  • Viewers can pause, rewind, and skip forward (after skipping backwards) against the live video broadcast.

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5 November 2015



9 February 2014

This is great to use if you want to broadcast a live from your devices!