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25 July 2013

Simply wonderful keep up the good work.


15 December 2012

This is a wonderful application. I have no specific complaints. I just wanted to write a review with proper English. What in the world is happening to our written language? (read previous reviews)


14 December 2012

this can be much more better... from UI to content.... hope to see updates...


11 December 2012

Could off added some sort of zoom because the text was just a bit to small and I had to lead a bit forward into my monitor screen. I uninstalled it for this reason.


7 December 2012

Text is to small for me on my high definition big screen monitor. So - I switched on the 'Magnifier' but guess what? I could not see the leftmost side of the screen. This may be more an issue with 'Magnifier' insofar as how well it plays with Windows 8's new mode, but still a zoom would defiantly be appreciated.