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    Release 24 - Performance Improvements Release 20 - Live Tile Support - Minor bug fixes Release 19 - Minor bug fixes and performance improvements - Mouse wheel scrolling bug fix Release 17 - Fixed ads Release 15 - Added featured character Release 14 - Added support for bios - Added limited offline mode Release 12 - Improved Full screen video - Enhanced video, audio, and photo browsing

Middle-Earth Almanac

Just go see 'The Hobbit'? Love the Lord of the Rings? If so, then this app is for you! Browse many of your favorite characters from the Middle-Earth universe. Easy finger friendly navigation allows you to explore the characters Tolkien's masterpiece without all the headaches inside a browser. Middle-Earth Almanac aggregates content from a variety of sources into one convenient Middle-Earth experience. The best photos and videos without all the clutter. Content updated each week! So check back often!


  • Content updated each week! So check back often!
  • Browse character attributes
  • Browse character photos
  • Listen to character sound clips
  • Watch character videos
  • Pin your favorite characters to your start screen
  • Read the latest news
  • Links to further reading about each character
  • See which characters are the most popular or recently updated

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31 January 2015

awesome app. so much info!


7 February 2014

Great app!! I love it😄


27 December 2013

You should add spoiler alerts to it. More games would be cool.


13 September 2013

This app is very interesting. Surprisingly, there were not as many falsehoods of typos as l expected. This is a good, engaging app for LOTR fans.


29 July 2013

I really like this app. I haven't gone through it all yet but I hope it starts from the very beginning of the LOTR. From a person who never read the books but watched the movies plus the extended footage, I just want to know more about middle earth without doing a lot of research.


20 April 2013

beats the crap out of searching google for each character.


13 February 2013

I am continuing to grow the content of this application and add new features. Those of you already using this app may notice you will see content updates in the app without an app update from the store. If you are experiencing an issue with the app, do not hesitate to e-mail me about it. I want to help!


11 February 2013

Need more characters from LOTR, but since the hobbit is just out I get the focus there. Good concept, keep up the good work!


27 January 2013



21 January 2013

Very will designed app with great information

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