Milk Delivery Van Simulator 3D

Drive your van, collect yummy milk bottles for distribution, reach your destination and deliver milk in beautiful suburban environment. Starting from the first mission till the end, Milk Delivery Van Simulator has fabulous surroundings and interesting vehicle. Be the winner, complete your distribution missions and reach your destination as quickly as possible. The kids are waiting for their milk bottles to make milkshake for breakfast. Deliver milk in a beautiful suburban environment. This Van Simulator game does not contain any violence, fire or blood. This is a fun-filled sweet game full of challenging missions. You don’t have to chase down your enemy or support urban war. It has realistic and peaceful mission to go ahead with. Be the winner; deliver milk to the public areas. It is just like the pizza delivery vans where you are the delivery boy, you test your real driving skills and roam around the city for pizza delivery. Bypass all the heavy traffic, ambulance, crazy cars, excavator trucks, motocross bikes, schoolbus, construction trucks and pedestrians. But safety is very important in transport games. There is no complicated physics behind this game. Little girls, boys and even adults can play this game. It’s even better than a car chase or a superheroes game. Make sure your van deliver your products with extreme safety. Go ahead and drive carefully


  • different vehicle and van to deliver milk with safety
  • Fun-filled missions
  • User friendly controls
  • Fabulous and realistic suburban environment
  • A small map to view your destination

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