MineDance 3D - Skin Viewer for MineCraft Dance Edition

Ever wanted to check out what your MineCraft character looks like doing silly dances? Well here is your chance! Watch your iconic block character dance to some unique moves using your very own skin. You can load your own music and make it look like your character is dancing to the beat or just acting silly. If you get tired of starring at your skin, load some other random person, or a friends, skin and watch them dance away! Unlock the pro feature and when you find a skin you like you can steal it and send it to yourself via email! Features: Load your own skin Find random skins Awesome dance moves Unique block world environment Note: MineDance 3D - Skins Viewer for MineCraft Dance Edition is not affiliated with Mojang AB or MineCraft.


  • Load your own skin
  • Find random skins
  • Awesome dance moves

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20 April 2015

This app is great and useful for my cousin, friends and brother but not for me because my skin is 1.8 so its all messed up and choppy and has black squares all over it and I cant change my skin back to 1.7 on my minecraft account anymore because the minecraft.net updated to 1.8 so please oh plzzzzz update to 1.8 skins if possible because if not I wasted 2.00 on my self please I beg you 1.8 Skins!!! Thank you!! :D :)


6 April 2015

it crap to try the try button I spent all 1.99% of this crap.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


12 July 2014

stupid junk crashed


29 April 2014

what do you do


12 April 2014

Do I have to buy it to get the locked things


27 February 2014

good still like mincraft better but it is ok so get it but do the free one


12 January 2014

This is a really good app. if you want to play minecraft, this is not that. the trail version does not let you change skin and have a lot of dances but that is expected, if you hate it, your parents did not let u buy the full version so calm down,


10 January 2014

I hate this game It doesn't do anything