Mini Putt

This game was put together by a few people with the common goal of learning and putting together a 3D mini golf game using the Unity platform. Currently this game includes 72 FREE holes that vary in difficulty and are split across 4 playing areas as follows: * Freeplay I (18 Holes) * Freeplay II (18 Holes) * Freeplay III (18 Holes) * Freeplay IV (18 Holes) This game can be played in Arcade Mode where you go through each course one by one or in Freeplay Mode where you can select any of the holes and practice on it before moving to Arcade Mode. Things that are currently in development for Mini Putt are: * Online leaderboard so that you get bragging rights * Many new levels broken down by country * More challenging and bigger courses * More obstacles on the courses * Different background and course colours * Sharing with social media websites * 3D artwork for the game


  • 72 FREE courses
  • 3D mini golf courses

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19 August 2015

Very poor


21 January 2014

it freezes up a lot and you don't have any way to restart the game without uninstalling and reinstalling it and that take to long and you don't have 360 degree control of the shot you want to make without going off of screen and ball goes in water to much you have no control at all.