Watch 2016 out-of-market Major League Baseball games LIVE or on demand in HD with an MLB.TV Premium or MLB.TV Single Team subscription. Blackout restrictions apply.


  • HD Quality LIVE Video
  • Full Game Video Archives
  • Home and Away Broadcasts (where available)
  • Data overlays: Pitch F/x, Box Score and Game Summary
  • Clickable Line Score for navigating the game stream by inning
  • Twitter Widget to follow the game commentary on social media
  • Scoreboard overlay in full screen mode
  • LIVE Game DVR Controls (pause/play, rewind, fast forward)
  • LIVE and Archive Radio Broadcasts
  • Daily MLB Scoreboard
  • 2016 Team Schedules
  • Closed Captioning (where available)
  • Full Screen Video
  • Favorite Team Support

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28 June 2016

Can't figure out how to switch between games or watch 2/4 at a time. Better off just going thru the MLB site. (Wish they'd fix because picture is better on the app)


9 May 2016

a real pan in the butt trying to get to log in for every game available.. A paid subscription that you cannot log n. LOUSY APP MickeyD


28 April 2016

I don't like using Windows Store Apps on my Laptop. However on all three browsers (Chrome, FF, and IE) the MLB.TV experience is fairly garbage. Yes the new player adds some nice features with gameday somewhat mixed in. But the player often stutters, or repeats the same second over, as well as just buffers or freezes. The old style player is still available but even more problematic. The other issue with the in-browser player is that when I try to open another streaming webpage such as, it causes even more stutters and lag issues for the MLB stream in-browser. I used this app once before on a tablet years ago and had nothing but problems. But on my current gaming laptop is has been a great experience. I often watch MLB.TV through my Blu-Ray player which works the same way as this app. Video and Audio only with none of the stats or other useful information. However, the streaming experience is near flawless and crisp with only the occasional buffer once every few games.


20 April 2016

I can never log on


19 April 2016

Am noticing some issues. I keep getting "The game will begin shortly" when the game started innings ago. Also, it constantly asks me for login/password info.


12 April 2016

No issues up till now


27 March 2016

You want a nice, stable picture while you watch the game? GET THIS APP. No kidding, this is way way way better than using the start page over at the website. There are some things this app will not do that the website starter will do; however, if you want a beautiful, stable game, you'd be a fool not to choose this. Trust me, I have tested and tried and done everything in my power to get the other way to work properly and it just will not. This way isn't perfect either, but it's far better than the other way. Enjoy the season! Go Rangers!!


24 October 2015

Its an embarrassment. Use the web


11 October 2015

Very dissatisfied. Video feed not working during playoff game


10 October 2015

baseball fans deserve so much better. Trying to watch NLDS - TBS is DRM channel and won't play on laptop. so - I buy postseason package thinking - ok that's cool. nope - won't play. says i'm not entitled even thought they took my money.

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