mobile.HD Media Player

NEW feature added to the app. You can now control the playback remotely using any Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 device. You can find mobile.HD Remote in the Windows Phone Store. Media player that plays HD video natively using DirectX for best performance. Supported formats include many popular file types including MKV. You can also stream media content to DLNA devices using Play To.


  • Native Video Playback
  • MKV support
  • Subtitles embedded in mkv files
  • sub and .srt external subtitles
  • PlayTo DLNA
  • Audio player
  • Remote

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27 February 2015

Arguably the best Windows 8 touch-based player out there. Plays MKV quite well. I have been looking for one for awhile and tried a few others, but this one works the best I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great Windows 8 Touch Player. Update: Many months later, I'm still sticking to my original statement. The app is a bit buggy but after trying many alternatives for Win 8 Touch, it's still by far my favorite. The UI is simplistic out of all of them and it gives me the best east of use. I shall update the score and review accordingly if I find any problems, but for now,, this is a great app.


21 February 2015

No support.. app has never being updated. MKVs cannot reproduce sound.


15 February 2015

Verry good app works great but when i play a video appear one black vertical bar on the screen i don't know what is it (i'm using the trial version)


24 December 2014

Does not play MKV file on Windows 8.1


2 November 2014

It sometimes struggles to play large file, but it does the job. Plays .mkv's This is an updated review. I previously wrote that this app didn't work as advertised. However my problem was completely on my end. A brand new USB drive was not transferring files properly. So I stand corrected. This app is great! Thumbs up!


18 October 2014

Trying to add a subtitle in .srt format that's in the same folder on my network drive, but it says there are no files in the folder, but there is and works fine in other apps. Can anyone help?


9 October 2014

Good Player I Paid for it, the only issue I got with MKV files when I select another Audio it does not change or cant listen anything and for the subtitles it does not show up when change the language. It would be great fix it. And if you have only 1 audio and subtitle in your mkv it is the best player for windows touch.


28 September 2014

When the device is inverted the audio does not flip to the other side (stereo left still plays on left speaker but it should now play opposite since the device is inverted)


9 September 2014

love it ... the only app that will stream .mkv


8 September 2014

You're better off with native et player but if you need a simple mkv player this it. I regret purchasing it as subtitles are not supported and no enhancements options are available.

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