MoBu - Financial management

Revolutionize your personal finances management and finally put money aside. When other applications only offer you to enter and track your expenses and income, MoBu lets you in addition define expenditure and savings budgets, and fully analyze your financial wealth and simulate the future. Unlike many money management application out there, MoBu doesn't need any online account registration, it's an autonomous application. Skydrive is only used as a cloud storage, we don't retrieve any information from it (read our privacy policy). Intuitive and easy to use, MoBu allows you to manage and analyze your financial wealth and your spendings and savings. At a glance, MoBu offers different views of your financial assets and allows you to simulate the future, such as obtaining a new loan or a new job. You can even see how much money you could have set aside in 5, 10 or 20 years!


  • Assets management (account, cash, jewellery, precious metals, etc...)
  • Budget management
  • Expenditures monitoring
  • Snapshot of money available and set aside
  • Alert on budget overruns
  • Management of periodic and repetitive operations
  • Simulation mode to test the impact of credits, a new job, or the evolution over several months or years, etc...
  • Analyses and reporting charts and tables
  • Multi currency support
  • Excel export (xls, xlsx)
  • Multi profiles support (several people can use the application for their management)
  • Protection of data by password with encryption
  • Automated backup in the cloud (OneDrive)
  • Manual local backup system
  • QIF/OFX file import (Quicken, Money, bank) with reconciliation module
  • Compatible with the Windows Phone 8 version of MoBu (profiles are transferred through the cloud (OneDrive))

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11 May 2015

Very useful. Love that it comes with a trail version.


20 January 2015

As is MoBu is a good solid finance tool that allows you to set and manage your budget, track reoccurring payments, and keep up with your check registry. You can import and export files, match a downloaded bank statement with MoBu and pretty much manage your finances. With a small amount of effort some of the entry effort could be automated and some other fairly minor user interface improvements will make it an even better tool. Hopefully the announced MoBu 2015 will incorporate those types of refinements and more.


10 September 2014

At first I imported from bank using the lastest Quicken format and the balances did not add up correctly. Then I retry with an older Quicken format and everything turned out fine, running balance correct. Today I'm looking at my balances and noticing totals that make NO SENSE. For example, I have a positive balance and a payment after that. Basic math tells me that the BALANCE IS LOWERED. But it INCREASES $ 200 TO $ 300 for no reason !! And after another transaction, instead of going down $ 30 like it should it drops to $ 300 !! Like instead of 6-4=2 this app thinks the answer is 6-4=50. I've NEVER had this type of error with any other checking program. I can't afford to have COMPLETELY WRONG RUNNING BALANCE when keeping track of my family's finances, so I'm done with this app. After days of inputing date I run into this. I'll be asking for a refund shortly. Best app that I've run into is Anmoney on android. And no details about what the new update fixes.


9 September 2014

No other app can beat MoBu - I love MoBu's features and capabilities. Perfect for me.


30 May 2014

I would give this a 5 star rating because the app is so comprehensive and syncs to all my devices, but I've had an issue backing up the desktop version since the upgrade to Microsoft OneDrive. I don't know if this is coincidence, or just a matter of changing the URL in the code, but it's frustrating. If you fix that problem, I have ZERO complaints. Thanks for the otherwise fantastic app!


10 May 2014

This is a great start towards a robust personal financial application. However, some key features are missing. There's no ability to truly split transactions. Until that feature is added, for me, this software can't cut it and isn't usable. Second, it doesn't remember your selections if you choose to hide reconciled transactions, or change the date sort in the transactions window. Finally, the reports are very rudimentary. Again, it's great start, but I will have to continue to use Moneydance (desktop) until some improvements are made here.


19 April 2014

I thought was just paying bills.


20 March 2014

This app is not cheep, but you are not getting a cheep app either. I love being able to sync seamlessly with my phone. Multiple accounts are can be tracked. Reconciliation is fairly easy. Entering data is easy after the learning curve (which isn't too steep). Transactions can be split into multiple budgets. Reports show basic information about your budget and available or projected money. The only thing it doesn't have which I would like is bill reminders, and the ability to budget expenses that don't occur monthly but rather only occur bimonthly or quarterly, etc. maybe they will happen on a future update. With those changes it would be a 5 star app, as it is it is easily 4.5 stars.


14 January 2014

Data entry for splits is difficult and flakey. The graphs are rudimentary. Data entry screens in front of a database. Not very user friendly. Budgets are month-to-month, with limited capabilities for annual expenses. I could not find a way to carry monthly budget surpluses into the following month or determine how to handle it.


8 December 2013

I'm currently using this app as a replacement for Microsoft Money now that I have a Surface. Importing my accounts were fairly easy. Once in managing those accounts and budgets were intuitive. The phone version syncs to the desktop versions using SkyDrive so no matter what device is used the accounts are in sync. As other reviewers have said, this app is constantly being updated with new features and they are willing to listen to ideas on making the app better.

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