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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    Added option to print Account entries. Added option to print Transaction list. Added option to print Payee report. Added option to print Category report. Added option to print Income and Expense report. Added option to print Cash Flow report. Added print tab on Settings page. Added three custom dates. Added ability to use custom dates on Income/Expense report. Added option to create zero amount split transactions. Added data backup reminder on home page. Added display company or your name on home page. Added data management option on Data page.


MoneyPoint is the most comprehensive, fastest, and easiest to use money management App in the store. MoneyPoint will help you to maintain your accounts, transactions, schedules, payees, budgets and goals. With MoneyPoint you will be able to record, categorize, reconcile and track all your day to day transactions. MoneyPoint reports will provide you with the information you need to monitor your cash flow, income and expenses, budgets, goals, account projections and performances. Whether you're trying to handle your own finances, managing an entire household, or running a small business, MoneyPoint will help get your finances organized and help you be smart with your money. MoneyPoint keeps your data locally and always available to you at your convenience. MoneyPoint does not require your bank account IDs or passwords to access your data. More importantly, MoneyPoint does not depends on internet connection or any external servers. All of the data is kept locally (not external servers) so you can securely generate reports, monitor your budgets, schedules and look at your account balances anywhere within seconds. Nobody has access to your data other than you. If you are currently using spreadsheets or any other applications to manage your finances; cut and paste or import the data to MoneyPoint. Check out all advance features, reports and the benefits of using MoneyPoint. MoneyPoint and future upgrades are 100% free. We will continue to add new features on regular basis and make it available to you at no charge. Your Vision. Our Tool. MoneyPoint.


  • Maintain, track and reconcile bank accounts, credit card, investment and cash accounts.
  • Six independent environments secured by password to manage your finances.
  • Scheduler to remind upcoming bills and payments.
  • Transaction maintenance and reports.
  • Bulk transaction update.
  • Payee maintenance and reports.
  • Category maintenance and reports.
  • Budget setup and follow-up.
  • Export transactions and reports to Excel.
  • Income and expense report/chart by payee/category.
  • Cash flow report/chart by payee/category.
  • Goal setup and tracking.
  • Account performance and projection report.
  • Budget tracking and budget summary reports.
  • Multi-Currency support.
  • Personalize by changing color and theme.
  • Data import from Excel and CSV files.
  • Data management – backup/restore, automatic backup, test data creation tool.
  • Tile notification and Toast notification.
  • Maintain your data locally and always available to you at your convenience. No dependency on internet connection or external servers.

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23 August 2016

This app does the job of tracking bank accounts better than any I've seen. It has great reporting by payee and category. You can add your own categories as well. It separates accounts into "environments" but I haven't figured out how to add and name your own environments. There's still a little work to do, but this company has a good product that has great potential. I don't think their approach is adequate for investment accounts, but it's great for banking accounts.


20 July 2016

This is very software and I had very easy to used.....I like this software


1 July 2016

It works well and is intuitive. The reason it only gets a 4 star is that I am still having problems recovering my saved data. I am trying to use this app on two different computers (my home and tablet); it's just so much easier to use the desktop. The problem is that I cannot get the desktop to take the most recent data file, it keeps on reverting to an old file... Reported this a couple of weeks ago, but still have received no response.


6 June 2016

Folosesc programul de 2 ani si pot spune ca este cea mai buna metoda de a tine o evidenta financiara


16 May 2016

This is a great application I had an app that worked well until upgrading to windows 10.


13 May 2016

I Love this app works great


10 May 2016

works fine


24 April 2016

Very useful


17 April 2016

Very easy to use. Would like to be able to use a calculator at the same time. Can't minimize in order to view two screens at once. Overall, very good


14 April 2016

I used to use Microsoft Money. Now that I don't use a PC anymore and use my Surface, I use MoneyPoint. I have enjoyed the app for the most part. I have had a few issues with the scheduler but that could be user error.

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