Monster Detector

Monster Detector is a fingerprint scanner app that scans your thumb print and then, based on your readings, tells you which monster you are! This app is much better than sitting down and taking an online quiz to determine which monster you are, because the results are instant! Are you a ghost or a vampire? A werewolf or a dragon? An orc or Frankenstein's monster? How can you know! With Monster Detector from Ape Apps! Don't let your friends enter your house without first checking to see if they are a monster in disguise! There are literally millions of uses for this app. For one, suppose it is almost Halloween and you can't decide on a costume. Or you are headed to a party where costumes are required. What to wear?!? Why not dress your personality by using this app and deciding what you should be! I mean gosh. If someone had told me years ago that I could discover what kind of monster I was based on my thumb print scan, I would have said get out of town. But now this free app does exactly that. There is a lot you can tell about somebody by their fingerprint. This Halloween and beyond, find out what yours says about you! Monster Detector is the perfect app for having fun with friends and family around Halloween time. You can totally use it to fake scan trick or treaters when they show up at your house, to make sure you are only giving candy to real monsters. I removed Halloween from the name just to emphasize that the app works year round, but it's still a great Halloween app!


  • A fun fingerprint scanner that tells you what kind of monster you are!
  • Have monster detecting fun with your friends for Halloween!

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9 November 2015

A quiz online to see what monster u r would be better because it would not give u a random answer that is different every time. Your thumbprint doesn't change in two seconds, so why does my identity?


23 October 2013

Great app for halloween