Motion Detect

Motion Detect is a light-weight surveillance tool for your computer/tablet/phone. Motion Detect continuously monitors the surrounding of your device using the computer's built-in camera (or any other external webcams connected to the computer). The app uses sophisticated mathematical models to analyze the live camera video and detect motion. When motion is detected, the app can start automatic recording and automatic video upload to OneDrive, so you will have physical records of what has happened. You can also set up Email notification, so that the app can send you an Email alert when motion is detected. To set up Motion Detect, simply point your computer's camera to the area you want to monitor, and start Motion Detect on the computer and leave it on. The app will start monitoring the area for you. Motion Detect also contains a built-in camera recorder, so you can use it to manually record camera videos with selectable movie quality from VGA to HD. PRIVACY STATMENT: This app does not share personal information with third parties nor does it store any information about you.


  • Motion detection using sophisticated mathematical models.
  • Automatic trigger video and audio recording.
  • Automatic video upload to OneDrive.
  • Automatic trigger email notification.
  • Surface tablet support, including both front and back cameras.
  • Selectable camera and audio devices to monitor and record.
  • Built-in webcam recorder for manual recording and playback.
  • Selectable movie quality from VGA to HD.
  • Recording playback and export.

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22 February 2015

Would be nice if the "blank screen" option required a password to resume. Otherwise, well done!


31 October 2013

Does not work. Don't download people...this app defeats the purpose of such an application


8 April 2013

I buy things from the Droid Store all the time, and though I am sometimes disappointed, the stuff almost always works. The images produced with my Logitec Web Car are scrambled with duplication bands, so the video is useless. The only support they offer is through email - this software does not seem to be listed in their User Forum, and the only links for it on their website take you to the windows store where you can install it. This software is a rip-off, and so is the MS Store...


10 March 2013

it sucks


25 February 2013

Not sure why it's rated so low. Works great.


18 February 2013

wont detect my Logitech web cam, no good don't waist your 4.99


19 January 2013

Please add the following: 1. audio detection in addition to motion. This is crucial for baby monitor. 2. batch delete of older recordings. It takes a long time to delete recordings one at a time. Overall, clever little app that does what it says. To the previous reviewer, select a different camera, or restart the system if the video does not show. At least that's what worked for me.


16 January 2013

It worked fine the day I bought it but since then it does nothing nor are there any help options that I can see in settings.