Motivated GPA

Totally different from all GPA Calculators!!! Lets create an experience!!! When grades aren't what we expected, we wish we had someone motivational and inspiring!!! Now MotivatedGPA is here to motivate you and push you further!!! This is the beginning, there is so much to come with future updates on this app!!! Follow @MotivatedGPA to drop any helpful tips or to get any motivational messages!!!


  • Motivates users after seeing GPA
  • Calculates GPA

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8 December 2013

Worth it for schools


6 June 2013

This app is pretty impressive. It definitely holds up to its namesake. Not only does it calculate your GPA but it gives you tips on how to improve your study habits, maximize your study time, and overall boost your GPA. A must have for any high school/college student looking to get that extra edge in the classroom or in need of an easy, user friendly way to keep track of their progress over the year.


3 June 2013

Excellent for beginning college freshmen!!!!


27 May 2013

GOMAB .... That's all I have to say


25 May 2013

Great for students of all levels :)


23 May 2013

This app actually serves a great purpose!!! Motivated, yes I am!!!


20 May 2013

This app is way better the other GPA calculators that I have used over the years. It gives me hope to carry on and do better! I love the little messages that I get. Thanks Motivated GPA !