Motorway Bike Trip

Drive your bike to the redline across the ridges and heat up the highway! Experience the thrill and speed of the hottest and fastest motor cycle game to hit. Cruise through the bends then engage turbo power to take on the straights! Your riding skills will be challenged as you enjoy the racing wilderness! Artificial traffic that makes the game exciting and gives ultimate racing experience Bikes are added in Types of Sports Bike Categories. How to Play Via PC: - Use arrows keys to control and drive the bike How to Play Via Tablet: - Tilt your device to turn left and right - Press the race button to drive brake button to slow down - Press the turbo button to perform one wheel stunt and to speed up the bike


  • Breathe taking mountain environments!
  • Realistic bike physics and handling!
  • A lot of fun and excitement!

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26 March 2016

Omg my brother loves it