Mountain Car Drifting 3D

Ever wanted to drive a sports coupe on a hilly track and test your driving skills? Mountain Car Drifting 3D gives you the driving, racing, burnout and drifting experience you always wanted on your handheld device. With epic, breathtaking scenes and views, you are driving a red sports coupe and taking it up the mountain with dangerous curves, downhill and uphill roads drifting and accelerating along the way. This game is bound to give you the gaming experience you've always missed on handheld devices due to it's realistic car physics simulation engine. Get behind the wheel, flaunt your driving skills, display your drift king abilities, do burnouts, go fast, make the engine roar and live your dream! Mountain Car Drifting 3D uses the best vehicle physics to give you a very realistic, exhilarating, invigorating 3D gaming experience bound to keep you occupied for hours and hours. It is a time attack based game in which you have to drive to the top in the least time possible. Go too fast and your vehicle might skid off the road and get thrown off, go too slow and you'll never be able to reach in time. Accelerate and speed up when you get the chance, slow down on curves or drift along the way, watch out for the bumps in the road which will throw you off the mountain. Use the brake and handbrake to drift along the curves to reduce your speed, accelerate when you get the chance and make it to the top before it's too late. Go get ready and DRIVE! How to Play: - Press reset button to re position your car - Use the handbrake button for drifts - Use the accelerate button to speed up your car - Use the brakes button to slow down your car - Use left / right buttons to steer your car


  • Cutting edge 3D graphics
  • Realistic vehicle physics
  • Amazing game play
  • Time attack mode
  • Sporty red coupe
  • Tailor made controls for burnouts and drifts

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25 August 2015

good and but a problem less stages are there ! :)


7 June 2015

Wonderful game!!! I just wish there were more levels.