Mountain Drill Truck Driver - Rigs Mining Material

Let’s work your way around through the mountains and mines on your off road mining truck and transport the excavation from mines. The crew is working inside the mines to excavate rocks, gold and other mining materials. Your duty begins as the mountain drill truck driver to transport the excavated material on your truck to the hill side. Have you ever driven a truck inside the mines underneath the huge mountains? Take up the challenge of hill mining and transport and play as off road mountain truck driver. Visit inside the mines where mining is under progress. Collect the extracted material or waste and transport it to the destination. The gameplay gives you a chance to drive multiple heavy vehicles. Drive heavy excavator crane to lift up the drilled stones from the mines. Dump the stones into the truck for transportation. Drive the mountain truck carrying stones, gold extracted from mines and waste materials too. Go to the pit and dump the waste and bring the extracted gold out of the mines on your mountain mining truck. The excitement of the game gets double when you get to drive the truck inside the mines. Dark mines where you need to switch on the truck lights and drive carefully. The mining is already undergo so just get to the point and lift up the stones with your excavator to dump into the truck or outside the mines. The real-time truck drive is awesome inside the mines with dangerous and twisted turns.


  • A New Concept for Heavy Vehicle Driving Lovers
  • Explore the Mines & Off-Road Environment & Hills
  • Transport Excavated Materials from Mines
  • Amazing Gameplay with HD Graphics
  • Play as the Mining Trucker
  • Drive Excavator & Mining Truck with Real-time Physics

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19 March 2016

Its cool game


11 January 2016

detailing is very good and the crane I looking real


20 December 2015

not fun ba ba boring


4 December 2015

They placed the ads in the center of the screen to force you to pay in order to play the game..


3 December 2015

Either have app for free or not, but don't put ADs in middle of screen so game is impossible to even sample.


23 November 2015

this game sucks the concrolls are so hard to use.I hate it


22 November 2015

offal boring


21 November 2015

zero star


19 November 2015

controls are too difficult in pc


14 November 2015

They don't tell you that you have to pay for it to get the ads off the screen!! terrible.

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