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You can watch latest movies right now with Movies 32. Just start the app, search or browse for a nice movie and enjoy it. It is so easy. Action & adventure, animation, comedy, documentary, drama, family & kids, foreign, horror, music & performing arts, mystery & suspense, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, sport & fitness, war, western - what’s your favorite genre? Movies are categorized, it is very simple to browse them. Or you can search for a favorite movie. If it’s there you can watch it. And did we mention it’s FREE? Yes, the app is free and movies are free to watch too. No subscription, no fee. Movies 32 is using latest technologies, it is powerful, will run smooth and will not consume your resources, but performance is also given by your internet speed because all movies are streaming over the Internet. So, a good internet connection is needed for an pleasant movie watching. Movies list is updated every week. We do not like or support piracy. We do not upload, host or stream any movie. All movies are hosted and managed by third parties like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.. Movies 32 is not affiliated with YouTube or any of its partners.


  • Watch full-length movies in HD
  • You can play the movies on external devices like bigger screen TV, computers, gaming consoles with just a tap
  • All movies are FREE to watch
  • List of movies is updated every week

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19 March 2016

This is correct when it says Movies 32 cause that about all there is. Most of the listed movies come back with the message "the movie was deleted". :(


18 March 2016



27 December 2015

it wont play


6 November 2015

when you don't get a circle in the middle why its uploaded yet on Netflix and other paid service they stream fine on some sites no problems. It is a pot luck just like most of the internet theses day when it comes to free sites, the movies are great if you can view them that day


25 October 2015

everything I wanted to watch "deleted". what good is an app with everything deleted. if you had minus stars I would rate this app at "Minus 1000". nothing good to watch, not to mention its always buffering. as soon as I finish this I am deleting the app.........


29 September 2015

Tons of deleted and broken linked movies


24 September 2015

Crashes when scrolling through movies. Lots of large ads taking up most of the screen Uninstalled.


21 September 2015

this app has a virus or something. it was previously installed on my computer and it slowed my computer a lot so I uninstalled it. after a while I reinstalled and now it wont let me delete it at all, it wont even give me the option to delete. I need this off now.


27 August 2015

This app is buffering every 10 seconds


14 August 2015

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