mp4 to mp3 converter

mp4 to mp3 convert is a slick tool that extract audio from you mp4 video files. usage: Select multiple mp4 files to start converting. By default mp3 files are stored under libraries->Music. You can optionally change the save folder. To keep the computer responsive, it converts up to two mp4 files at the same time. If there are more files to convert, they will just wait in the queue to finish. All files successfully converted will be in status "GREEN". If any error happens in the conversion, those files will be marked as status "RED".


  • convert mp4 video files to mp3

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22 May 2015

m uy buena


20 May 2015



19 March 2015

Super happy when I listened to the mp3s. App is fantastic! Sound quality is awesome and it converts really fast


30 January 2015

Right as the name said, mp4 to mp3 converter.


2 November 2014

This program does the job but it is not intuitive. Once you select the files to convert it starts converting automatically. This can be a problem if you do not want the output in your Music folder. You have the option of changing the output folder, but the files that are in the process of conversion will be in the old location. I think that the program would be better if it had a start and pause button. I also noticed that the program does not process in the background, so you need to have the program as the active program for the conversion to run.


29 September 2014

Quality is great, and app is very easy and fast


8 August 2014

One of the best and fastest converters I've ever used


14 April 2014

Can improve the UI


6 March 2014

I converted a 10GB file to an MP3 in about 4 mins! I was expecting it to take all day. Couldn't be easier. Well done. My only comment would be to add some aesthetics and figure out a way to make some money on it. Thanks.


28 May 2013

the app is Very Straight forward, which is good... and its quite easy!!! good job.