Multi touch Test

test your multi touch screen.


  • multi touch test

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26 January 2014

Only a black screen appears. Nothing else is happening.


1 January 2014

great job


14 November 2013

Thank you! It helped me learn more about possibilities and limits of app interaction design than any written manual out there. P.s. Do not change the visual design of the touch indicators. Many times people really mess it up with the visual elements of their app - but yours is perfect!


13 November 2013



5 November 2013

Great simple app for testing your multi touch screen.


27 January 2013

Nothing more to say, well done, needs no permissions, has numerical output too.


4 December 2012

Its a great app and does what its been made to do. the only other thing I could guess it should tell you is the coordinates of the touches. @DAVID Capacitive touch screens cant and don't need to be calibrated. They work by heat not pressure unless your using a device that uses a camera for touch which in turn the camera needs to be calibrated.


3 November 2012

Frankly, I don't really know where to start with this. It works well, it does what it was programmed and coded to do, but it does so little that it leaves me expecting the app to do more than what it actually does. Personally, I think the ability to recalibrate a touchscreen or something along those lines would be great for this app, because that was actually what I was expecting it to be able to do when I first installed it.