Music DJ

The easy-to-use music player for Windows 8. Super-fast search and enqueue of your entire music library, and doubles as a great Jukebox for your party. Optimized for use with both touch, mouse and keyboard. MusicDJ can also stream your music right to your Xbox, and integrates with Windows's media buttons and media remotes, as well as support music playback in the background while you're working on something else. You and your friends can also use your Windows Phones as a remote to control, search and enqueue songs, as well as check what is playing and is coming up next.


  • The quick easy-to-use Music Player for Windows 8.
  • Designed for a quick and simple Jukebox experience that also works great at parties.

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22 August 2015



28 May 2015

its is good player


23 February 2015



17 February 2015

Excellent for Toshiba Encore Mini tablet


10 February 2015



9 February 2015

I try to put a song on but it will not work who would get this app


27 January 2015

It's not letting me purchase or play my music


7 December 2014

No good


27 August 2014

It doesn't show me music when i'm tryin' to find it


21 August 2014

Update to the update: the next day after adding the album I mentioned below, the rest of my collection finally showed up again. No clue why, but I think it would help tremendously if MusicDJ would give you some sign that a re-sync is in process. Some more good things I've discovered about MusicDJ (ignoring the craziness about how it handles updating the collection): (1) Recognizes mp3 tag edits after the original sync, whereas Media Monkey for example doesn't and (2) Continues playing successive tracks on an album/playlist even when you turn the screen off, unlike the Xbox Music app. Update: added an album to my collection and now that album is the only one MusicDJ sees. Fail. Original: I've tried every music player in the store I could find. MusicDJ is the only one that covers all the bases for me. The search language described on the website is powerful and simple.

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