Music Mix

The application allows you to play two songs (mp3) at once and to perform transition between them. You must first select the songs to the playlist. From there you can manually drag them into one of the two players or you can play them in Auto Mode, which will select songs and create transitions automatically. Auto Mode requires at least 2 selected songs. Custom transitions are created in the control panel (under the list of songs) with the slider (User Mode) or the buttons. The maximum size of the playlist is 999 songs. The players allow to change the volume (the slider on the right of the turntable), balance (the first slider under the turntable) and position (the second slider under the turntable). The minimum supported screen resolution is 1280x768px...


  • Playing two songs at once
  • Mixing two songs to each other

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8 August 2015

Its a cool & simple app wish it had more options love the transition button tho.


22 July 2015

I like it because I like to mix music


30 June 2015

bom e eficz


23 June 2015

It won't let me record anything


21 June 2015

I have tried for so long but it wont let me use any of my music, its not the best quality I would not recommend it to anyone!! :{


25 November 2014

rubbish app is not working


14 September 2014

I almost had a good match, but the songs were off by about half a second and I had no way of adjusting that. I do actually DJ and was looking for something that could be fun to just play around with since EDJing crashes before I can do anything with it.


3 September 2014



15 April 2014

I like this app.tnx


30 October 2013

ca ne marche pas

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