Music Producer

Making music means, interpreting a composition in a creative way. This is true for traditional musicans as well as for electronic artists. Nowadays it is easy to create music. There are millions of digital sheet music (= midi files) available for essencialy every song ever has been written. With this midi files a synthesizer can produce an endless number of different interpretations of a song, with different instruments and numerous sound effects. Hard or soft, shrill or harmonious, classic or capricious. A midi file is a collection of sheet music for a whole orchestra with up to 16 voices (= instruments or sounds). The notes for each voice are hold in a track and you can assign an arbitrary sound to each track to give it its specific character. So you can arrange the song in a creative way and create and publish your own interpretations.


  • Music Production
  • MIDI Music Maker
  • Sound Design
  • 5 different synthesizer
  • Sound export as wave samples and Sound Fonts
  • Creation of new interpretation of songs

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19 January 2014

For the task I thought this would help me use, it wasn't very helpful. It can't even help me use the music I already created to modify. It's useless to me.


12 October 2013

This is so easy to use!!! And that's coming from an 11 year old. It is fun and easy and works great, there are so many choices and sounds, its awesome 😎


10 September 2013

I thought the program would be similar to Apple's Garage band but its completely different.


24 August 2013

I thought it was very good but it was a bit hard to use