Music Shuffle

Music Shuffle plays your favorite music files in a way that is visually pleasing and practical at the same time. *After loading, song titles can easily be listed by Album, Artist or Genre. Or, quickly Search for a specific song title, using a keyword to list all song titles that contain the word. Shuffle the order of the song titles with the touch of a button. And saving any groups of song titles as playlists to recall later is also easy. A master list of songs available is saved between sessions, so the next time you run Music Shuffle the song titles are listed right away for quick playback. While the music is playing, the song title, artist name and album name are displayed as a “ticker tape” that scrolls across the top of the screen, providing some quick information on the song that’s playing in a fun way. You’ll love the Light Show which adds a theater or club feeling to your experience, as if colorful spotlights are dancing on a stage. *The Slide Show adds another dimension as it cycles through your favorite collection of photos while the music is playing, or even while the music is paused, providing a “memory frame” experience. *The Timebar feature provides a helpful visual reference (showing your whereabouts in the song on a timeline) and you can use it any time you need to go back a little (or jump ahead some) in the song that’s playing. *Available in registered / paid version only


  • Shuffle, arranges any list of song titles in a random order, for better variety during playback
  • Light Show, provides a fairly spectacular, yet comforting display of colors while listening to music
  • Get My files, grabs files from your library for easy loading of song titles
  • Add Music Folder, allows for easy selection of a folder, outside of your library
  • Back, Play / Pause, Next make for quick control of song playback
  • Filter by Genre, Album or Artist can arrange the song titles in whichever way is most convenient (available in paid version)
  • Filter by Search Text, lists song titles that contain any text you've supplied (available in paid version)
  • Playlists, make it easy to save and recall your favorite lists of songs (available in paid version)
  • Timebar, shows visually, how far along in the song you are, and allows you to adjust the immediate, desired playback location (available in paid version)
  • Slide Show, allows for photos from your own collection to be displayed in sequence, like a memory frame (available in paid version)

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5 November 2013

Found this app in the store and gave it a spin. In addition to playing my audio files I was surprised to find some cool features including a picture slideshow and lightshow. It has a playful interface which allows you to stop and start the music with a spinning CD icon by touching it like a DJ. There is a colorful scrollbar allowing you to touch and slide the play head to any point in the song. A reasonable price as well. I would recommend this app!