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    Fixed Drum Kit saving Fixed "In App Purchases" Improved Performance and Stability Improved Effects Presentation Added new Mobile File Support

Musical Sketch Pad

Musical Sketch Pad is a Music Sequencer designed to help you quickly get your musical ideas out! Features such as the Piano-Roll, Drum-Kit Step Sequencer and Line-in/Mic Record gives you the gateway to create fantastic music on your Windows Tablet or Laptop Over 100 categorized samples have been included in the App to get you going, these can be combined with your own imported samples to help further personalize your musical sketches and inspire your creativity. Musical Sketch Pad bridges the gap between your inspiration to realization with a no-setup mentality. Start with Musical Sketch Pad Mobile and continue your sketch on this version... Now Mobile compatible!


  • Unlimited Tracks and Sequences, limited only by the power of your computer
  • Over 100 samples to use as virtual instruments: pianos, drums, basses, horms, flutes, organs, synthesizer, percussions etc
  • Import your own samples and sounds as virtual instruments
  • Record live vocals or real instruments (from external inputs mic/line) as a track with full sound editing features such as fade, normalization, clipping, etc...
  • Piano Roll editor with controls for individual note duration and velocity
  • Drum-Kit Step Sequencer for the easiest & fastest way to create beats and rhythms
  • Multi-track Mp3/WMA Mix-Down Recorder
  • Import Sketches from Mobile
  • Track Q/Band Filter FX
  • Track Echo Insert FX
  • Track 4 Band Equalizer Insert FX
  • Track Reverb Insert FX
  • Track Overdrive/Distortion Insert FX
  • Track Envelope-Attack Insert FX (Event driven)

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22 March 2016

From what I've seen, out of all the free music production apps in the store, this one is the best. There's a lot you can do here. However, it is still limited. Higher notes are significantly lower than shorter ones, no matter the instrument, which is not good. There's no way to make triplets, but you can get pretty close with instruments. The step sequencer, however, doesn't have access to it, which is unfortunate. It's a little buggy, too. I've had more than a few crashes (the tutorial feature crashes every time on my Surface RT). But if you want something to hold you over until you can get something serious, this is it.


10 March 2016

If you don't mind, I would like a way to share my music over the media PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEEEEEEASE :O THANKS :)


5 June 2015

Do not download this. What are you doing its getting worse and worse each time i use it. It doesn't loop properly. The bpm is way off. Horrible clipping sound and if you add more then a few instruments It has a hard time even keeping the beat. Its buggy laggy its just bad and at first i blamed the rt but i have a similar app on my android phone and it works flawlessly. As far as windows store 'Sequencer pro is a better choice


27 January 2015

At first, it was alright. But, it keeps freezing on me and closing itself down. There is no save button either. Therefore, all of my work is lost. Please fix these bugs.


27 November 2014

Great, great, great, great, great, but unstable on surface note. Very prompt response whenever there is an issue. Super professional.


14 September 2014

The interface is one of the best I've seen, but the bugs are tough to get over. So far I've found the drum editor does not open and ultimately hangs the program. Also the tempo will not go above around 108 BPM even if turned to the max 250. The usability is very nice otherwise. I would only like to be able to change the meter from a 4 beat to 3. I can fake it but it would be nice to highlight the beginning of a new 3-beat measure.


23 August 2014

kind of fun till it quit


6 July 2014

I like it. The tutorial helped me get started very quickly.


5 June 2014

I was looking for a simple app to put together jam tracks to play along with on guitar, and this one has everything I need in a relatively simple package. Two snags: First, a more detailed instruction manual would be nice (I know, not many people read those, but I do!). Second, I'm having an issue raising the BPM of my tracks above 100. I see in your notes that this is a problem that's been addressed; is a fix coming in the next version?


15 May 2014

This is an AMASING App........................................ Period.!?.

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