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    4/11/2014 Updated Country/timezone database Removed city duplicates Fixed 1st day of the month prayer times not showing issue Added City details to main screen _____ Last update 3/9/2014 Fix for hour fraction timezones Like India 5.5 timezone __________ Last update 1/7/2014 Fixed dynamic backgrounds issues where they don't load Added the ability to turn off backgrounds sync Fix for language deployment issue. _____ Last update 1/1/2014 Now featuring tile notifications for 310x150 Added dynamic background which is in sync with a hosted online album and will change Backgrounds will shuffle every prayer Background album will be changed every two days. Updated country/city database Fixed unicode issues with some city names Add colored indicator for prayer times which will be turning to red 15 min before next prayer time ___ Last update Oct/29/2013 * Added support for notifications * Added support for Arabic language * bug fixes ___ Oct/25/2013 This is an initial update only, it is more of a proof of concept edition.

Muslim Prayers

Muslim Prayers, is an app that is intended to allow Muslims around the world to know their prayer times. This is an initial edition only and we at Holy Land Times will invest whatever it takes to make this app fulfill your daily needs. We highly recommend you install this instance *even* if you don't like it, so you will be involved in any future updates. We expect an excellent future for this app and we promise it will stay for free.


  • Support the 7 known calculation methods
  • Display curent day prayer times
  • Ability to determine prayer times for a location by its coordinates
  • Supports over 300,000 geo location around the world
  • Works offline
  • Update the prayer times each day mid night time
  • Notifications at prayer times
  • Dynamic backgrounds according the current prayer time
  • Tile notifications

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29 April 2016



1 January 2015

why it doesn't automatically get adjusted using my location via the internet like any other decent program ?!!


1 November 2014

This app is honestly one of the best calculators for prayer of all time. I compared it with my own calendar and the notifications are nice to have because I can stop whatever I am in the middle of to do prayer. If your on the go with your laptop, there is no excuse to not pray especially with all the technology right now. MAKE SURE TO HAVE THE LOCATION CORRECT.


1 September 2014

so nice software thanks to issue free


19 August 2014

Its better to show timings of salah in a more interactive way... Showing timings on a flower type shape is not attractive.


17 August 2014

I need some freedom to adjust manually prayers time to suit Malaysian Authority Prayers time. With that adjustment...I certainly will give you 5 star. Jazak-Allah, hope you will consider


28 March 2014



10 March 2014

In the next edition, Fix for hour fraction timezones like india 5.5 timezone Thanks Holy Land Times


4 February 2014

The application has incorrect timings for Mumbai (Bombay), India. Its -30 mins.


12 December 2013

JazakaAllah khayrn, such a beautiful layout. Works perfectly