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    In this version snapped/portrait views are not available. Any problems that you might have, please do not hesitate to contact me! (check Support contact info for that). Be adviced that any login issues that might occur, are the MAL API's fault and are not caused by this application! To keep up with MAL app check it's page ^_^: https://www.facebook.com/MyAnimeListWIndows8StoreApp Update v1.5.3.2: Bug Fixes: -Login issue where it stuck at connecting is resolved Update v1.5.0.2 & v1.5.3.1: Added features - Facebook page link - Auto-login. You have to have "Remember me" checked and at least login once for this feature to work. Bug fixes: - Change to MAL Api usage made so that it may work with their new restrictions. - Some grammar mistakes have been corrected. - Touch screens now work for AppBar. Changes after request: - The default value of episodes watched is now 0 instead of 1. Update v1.5.0.0: Added features - Add, remove & edit anime implemented Bug fixes: - You can now view the rating of an anime - A bug with pre-login search fixed (anime width broke on some searches)

My Anime List

View and manage your anime list from the well known website MyAnimeList.


  • Browse your anime by category
  • Watching
  • On Hold
  • Plan To Watch
  • Dropped
  • Completed
  • Watch anime information like the score of the anime, number of episodes and more!
  • Search anime via Windows 8 Search Charm
  • Add, remove and edit an anime

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18 February 2016

It just hangs on the login screen.


6 January 2016

When I logged in it was stuck on connecting and wouldn't go any further :(


2 October 2015

All though right now it doesn't seem to log me in, it still worked really well before now.


11 July 2015

Great app, love the details about each anime. Great concept! Thanks MAL! :)


3 May 2015

I can't think of anything better for keeping track of my anime viewing than this.


1 May 2015

Pros - It shows your anime list and descriptions - Offline database to add shows Cons - No way to see or edit your manga list - No way to look for new shows - Many features that are on the main site that could easily be put into the app - Updating scores seems to not work half the time - Just overall limited, I could make a list in excel if I didn't want to be online


20 April 2015

This app help tracks the anime I already complete and the anime that in the future I may watch


10 April 2015

I like it but on windows it doesn't sync or function very well, if you want to change or add anything to your list you have to do it from the web site only. If they could change it to where you can add and change from app I'll give it 5 stars..


4 April 2015

I love it!


11 November 2014

MAL looks better on this app, it will take for me to get used to it, but none the less, I still love it. It's also easier to mark episodes as finished, mainly because it's faster.

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