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Amour Sucré

Create your own love story at Sweet Amoris High on My Candy Love, a virtual dating game. Make your own choices and live a unique and passionate adventure! On My Candy Love you incarnate a high school student at a new school. Meet new students, flirt with the hottest guys and discover new episodes regularly! [How to play] Register and play My Candy Love for free! My Candy Love is built around a set of dialogue-based episodes. To advance through the different episodes you must talk to the different characters and complete different objectives. In each episode, you can flirt with the boy you like the most in hopes of going on a date at the end of the episode. To reach this goal, you must interact and talk with him, being careful to behave and choose the approach that best matches his personality. Your choices will have an influence on how your story will unfold. [Characters] As your story advances, you will meet new characters, and of course new guys!! Who will you choose? Meet Nathaniel! He is the student body president and is quite dependable and easy to get along with. He likes crime novels and dislikes sweets. Castiel can be hard to get along with. It's not easy to talk to him or know what he's thinking, but he must be nice deep down. He likes his electric guitar and dislikes taking orders from people. Ken, whose real name is Kentin, seems very much in love with you and doesn't try to hide it. He's very nice and helpful, but a bit clingy. He likes chocolate cookies and dislikes spicy food. Join us on My Candy Love to meet the other guys at Sweet Amoris High! [Different endings] There are several possible endings in each episode. If you manage to go out on a date with a guy, your special moment with him will be captured in a personalized illustration! If you miss out on the date with the guy you like, don’t worry, because you can always use a ‘Replay’ to try again! [Game Category] Otome game, dating game, love game, game for girls, girls game, game for teens, flirting game, love story, avatar game, personalized avatar. [Notification] * Discover My Candy Love on your tablet too! * Don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook : www.facebook.com/mycandyloveofficial * Come play on the web at http://www.mycandylove.com * Share your experiences with other Candygirls on the Forum and play the mini-games to win bonuses! [Support]: In case of a problem, please contact the support team at support@beemoov.com. Your issue will be treated as quickly as possible. You can also contact us through the My Candy Love website: http://www.mycandylove.com/faq.kiss Please be sure to include your username, what device you are using and a precise description of your problem. Thank you.tr

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28 February 2016

Honestly it was fun for a few minutes but then it wouldn't let me do anything


24 December 2015

Every time I open the app, it closes right back out. I have turned off my internet and turned it back on, and I've also made it the only open app but it still won't work.


21 December 2015

It doesn't work!


11 August 2015

I was finally getting the hang of it, wanted to play more, but ran out of AP'S so quick...hmp


20 July 2015

I've been playing this game for a long time and notices two thing you guys update a lot which I like...but when will you update so I can change my avatar to a person of color like I am?


11 July 2015

You will get in the mood for it and you start walking around then you run out of AP'S. Then you have to play the next day or pull out your money. I love the game but I hate that AP'S thing. And you only get 10 or 15 a day. You can only walk around a little and it runs out of AP'S.


10 July 2015

Sure, it's free at startup. But in order to do much of anything, one must spend money. It's fun to play, but I don't much care for the dent in my wallet.


1 June 2015

this is pretty good, but I just hate that I keep running out of APs. its so annoying.


26 May 2015

Fun game to play!!!! :)


19 May 2015

it's awesome , but I wish we could restart it if we mess up ,like on playstation games.

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