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    What's new in V1.5; - bug fixes - download photos - download videos - new group page design - gallery view


MyGroups enables you to connect to your GroupMe account and send and receive messages. Coming in V2 • Direct messaging • Summary of missed notifications • Ability to share content to MyGroups (text/website/photo) from other apps (including SkyDrive) • Viewing/Sharing Locations • Updated notifications which include photos sent in message • And more


  • Send and receive messages to your GroupMe friends
  • Send and receive photos
  • Get notified of new messages when the app is not running
  • Add new groups
  • Add members to groups

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1 September 2015

Easy to set up, works fine. Would get 5 stars if I could pin individual groups to start


17 April 2015

Please fix this app to be just as compatible with Windows 8.1 Pro as it is on my Apple iPad! I love group me, but this app needs a lot of help. The messages do not update by themselves. I have to close the app and reopen it to refresh, also it crashes a lot... so frustrating. I like your app, but please fix it ASAP!!!


7 April 2015

Does not allow direct messaging defeats about half of the app's purpose


2 February 2015

Notifies you when groupme message comes in, but only if the app is closed. When the app is open and in the background, it notifies you only after you open the app and close it. Not worth three dollars, maybe one. Only get this if you plan on reading the message when it shows the notification or else that's the only message you will see.


18 November 2014

New messages will not load from groupme, but have to go back and open the page again and when you do, it opens all the way up the conversation. Doesn't notify me when the new messages come in. Not worth the money in current state. Definitely has potential, so please update.


1 November 2014

Doesn't automatically update if you are in a group. You have to leave and then re-enter in order for it to show new posts. And you can't click on posts to see who liked a message like you can in the iOS app.


7 August 2014

Need to put time stamp on messages. But pretty good and works 100 percent


20 July 2014

Doesn't auto refresh no way to refresh except to exit group and reenter. I would use the app consistently if it worked but it's better for me to go to the website. Poorly done!


20 April 2014

My messages will come through sometimes and I would like to see all the pics the group sends to be able to access them and dl them


16 April 2014

needs a trial mode, but does work pretty good, so far.

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