MyScript Notes Mobile

MyScript Notes Mobile, the application which turns your Windows tablet into a real library of virtual notebooks! Get rid of your fountain pen and your heavy notebooks, but still keep the pleasure of handwriting! With MyScript Notes Mobile, you can use your tablet as a real notepad creating and customizing an unlimited number of notebooks in which you can draw, insert pictures and take notes with your own handwriting using a stylus or your finger. Available in 30 different languages, MyScript Notes Mobile also allows users to share information in a few clicks with the most important communication tools, networks or cloud-applications (E-mail clients®, Evernote®, Twitter®, OneNote®, etc). Note taking MyScript Notes Mobile offers all the tools to draw, write, erase and select. You can choose between 2 writing modes: • The conversion pen: write your text, it is converted into digital information in real time. • The drawing pen: you can write and make drawings and keep information as images. You will still be able to convert it later, if needed. You can also import, rescale and even write or draw over pictures. Text edition Edit your notes as you write: • Delete letters, words or sentences • Insert spaces between two letters or words • Merge together two words that should be one word Communicate and export Share your notes: MyScript Notes Mobile also exports any piece of information as text or as an image: • e-mail client • Evernote® • Twitter® • OneNote® • and many more MYSCRIPT NOTES MOBILE IS USED TO: • Write notebooks and liven them up with drawings, diagrams and pictures that you can move or rescale. • Export entire pages as images or text. • Convert handwriting to digital text you can export to Evernote®, Twitter®, OneNote® and e-mail. • Write in portrait or landscape mode. • Use the automatic palm rejection when you are using a digitizer pen such S-pen. • Archive your work (backup/restore) Support website: AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: • 9 user interface languages: - English - French - Italian - German - Spanish - Portuguese - Chinese Simplified - Korean - Japanese • 30 handwriting recognition languages: - Catalan - Chinese (Simplified) - Chinese (Traditional) - Czech - Danish - Dutch - English (Canadian) - English (UK) - English (US) - Finnish - French (Canada) - French (France) - German - Greek - Hungarian - Italian -Japanese -Kazakh - Korean - Norwegian - Polish - Portuguese (Portugal) - Portuguese (Brazil) - Romanian - Russian - Spanish (Spain) - Spanish (Mexico) - Swedish - Turkish - Vietnamese.


  • Powered by award winning MyScript handwriting recognition technology
  • 30 handwriting recognition languages
  • Annotate your pictures
  • Smooth digital ink management
  • Use the automatic palm rejection when you are using a digitizer pen such S-pen
  • Archive your work (backup/restore)
  • Take notes and liven them up with drawings, diagrams and pictures that you can move and rescale

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10 June 2015

Exactly what I've been looking for. Handwriting recognition works great!


3 October 2014

I purchased this app hoping I could use my stylus to take notes but was disappointed greatly by the HR, it barely recognizes any words and numbers are out of the question entirely, don't waste your money on this app like I mistakenly did!


27 August 2013

I purchased this app to use the natural handwriting calculator function. Turns out that is only available on the android and iOS versions. 😒 Handwriting recognition works though, so giving three stars.


23 July 2013

I think will be the first person to comment on it :) 1-Please put an option to cancel the pressure sensitivity. This makes writing so difficult with my stylus pen. To be honest I couldn't write (comfortably) at all. 2-Put different sizes of eraser please. Currently it's a single size which is too small. 3-Are the pages 'letter' size? 4-Does the app sync over different devices it's installed on? 5-Will we be able to import and annotate pdf files while preserving its legibility?