Natural Waterfall

As long as humans have lived on this face of the earth we have been fascinated and intimidated by water. The waterfall is like a white stream cascading over the rocky outcrops. The relaxing view of the waterfall is always eye catching and brings you the peace of mind. Now you don’t have to travel miles to go to such a place because Foggy waterfall brings to you the perfect view of the water falling on the rocks and splash of water turns the droplets into fog. The background music adds the perfect feel to your environment as if you are actually near a waterfall.


  • HD graphics.
  • Stunning High definition audio.
  • Variety of music.
  • Advance controllers for sound and effects.

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18 January 2015

I came across the app and decided to check it out. I'm impressed. The music choices vary, and the waterfall itself is HD with a nice natural setting. The music can be turned down, or even turned completely off leaving only the waterfall sounds to be heard. There are two waterfall sounds. One sounds soft and smooth, and the other sounds rough and raging. The waterfall founds can also be turned down, or completely off leaving only the sound of the music playing as well. Totally worth it!


6 January 2015



3 December 2014

I am having nature here in my room with this natural waterfall


2 December 2014

its a simply wowwwww


1 December 2014

Great waterfall with great music in the background