Netizen is a Windows 8 app that brings the voting record of your congressional representative to your finger tips, directly from your Windows 8 device. Simply select the Member of Congress you want to follow and "flick through" their voting record. Information about each member’s voting record is stored in Windows Azure storage and is updated daily. But don't just follow how your representative is voting in congress, make your voice heard: By clicking on the "Like It" button, you can share details of individual bills with your friends and neighbors through the power of social networking. For each bill, Netizen automatically provisions a Facebook page dedicated to your member of congress. This page acts as a virtual ballot for a bill as well as a community hub where fellow constituents can gather to express their support. At Netizen, we believe in harnessing the power of the Net to make our democratic processes more efficient. Together we can make a difference!


  • View congressional voting activity, searchable by state and district.
  • Easily analyze your representative's recent voting record.
  • Compare votes cast on bills by representative.
  • View bill results, total votes broken down by party affiliation.

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18 April 2015

I've uninstalled and reinstalled (3) times and it still doesn't work. As other reviewer noted, it doesn't get past the first screen. Keep getting the following error message when trying to locate my district, "There was an error deserializing the object of type Netizen.Model.JsonResponse. Encountered unexpected character '<'". And yes, this app has permission to use my location.


21 February 2015

I tried installing this app twice. It won't get past step one! When going to select my state (or any state for that matter) it says it cannot load the data. Government conspiracy???? No, just a bogus app :/


26 August 2014

However, I think there should be a link to both houses of Congress. I would like to know how my two Senators voted on bills. Therefore, I agree that the app should be improved a little to allow for this modification.


18 August 2013

This app showed my representative voted down a bill he voted for and the bill passed. I believe their site may have been hacked. I will repost or remove this review with when I see the information has been corrected.


4 July 2013

App doesn't download voting history


26 March 2013

An updated version of the Netizen app with many fixes requested by reviewers is now available. Please download the updated version. Thanks to all reviewers and everyone who downloaded the app.


23 March 2013

This app could be a valuable civic tool, IF I was sure about what and how data is presented. My impression of the representative's voting record in relation to major parties is flipped, because 200/3 does not really make sense, but 3/157 does, IF the numerator relates to representatives from a party voting, and the denominator the total number of party members. Seems to ignore minor parties altogether. Maybe a help screen on reading the displayed data would be a big help.


18 March 2013

It's great to be able to look up my rep's voting record, but I would like to see a couple of added features: first, the option to look up my senators, and second (and most importantly), links to more information about the item being voted on, since bill titles themselves are notoriously full of evasive doubletalk.


2 March 2013

Ralph M. Hall appears as Ralph Hall Moody. Needs to be corrected.


1 March 2013

This is a great app for folks like me who are trying to pay more attention to what's happening in Washington, but have a hard time keeping up between work and family. It's simple, and automatically finds my representatives! Three suggestions: 1. Remember my local reps. 2. Add support for the rest of Washington: Senate, POTUS, and Supreme Court rulings. 3. Add date and a link to full details on the custom Facebook page that gets created when you "Like" something. So little is in a name...

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