Ninja Killer: Zombie Hospital

Ninja Killer: Zombie Hospital is free samurai ninja action in hospital occupied with living dead. Find keys move through horror hospital experiencing ninja vs zombie sword fights as ninja assassin in destroyed city. The city ninja assassin must carry out the living dead assault to become ultimate zombie killer and save his sister who is trapped in horror city hospital. The Apocalypse in the city has become, zombie attacks has started, people have turned into zombie. There are zombie towns, rooms, and zombie village where survival is difficult. Ninja killer goal has to look for his sister and escape with her from the city. Kill with ultimate samurai warrior assassin blade. Experience the most amazing sword fights in and fantastic horror hospital as samurai warrior to survive with your sister and fight against the waling dead with your mighty sword. Try the game and have fun...YOu need to survive but you WONT Easily!!

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30 September 2015

wonder full graphics