North American Euchre

North American Euchre is played with 24 cards, 9 thru Ace of every suit. It is a trick taking game, with up to two rounds of bidding at the beginning of every hand, followed by a round of play where the best of five takes the point. Several variations of play are available in this release because Euchre has developed different rule sets for different regions. Play against two AI opponents and an AI partner. The trial version lasts 7 days and is completely the same as the full version. There are no annoying advertisements and players have full access to all the game options and variations. After 7 days, the program will stop working until it is upgraded to the full version.


  • Challenging Euchre AI
  • Optional game variations like stick the dealer
  • Complete 7 day trial version
  • Statistics tracking

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5 August 2015

Very hard to follow, even for a simple game, because it plays too fast. This complaint applies mostly to older and newer players.


23 November 2014

They wont let me play. I'd like to try before I play to make sure this is what wanted.


18 November 2014

Often names without enough trumps. Counts too much on aces to win tricks. Leads trump too many times when it's not high trump. Partner leads shortest suit (instead of longest) when defending. Passes ordering you with right & left. Frustrating leads from partner. Easy to euchre other team. I've got a 69% win ratio.


15 September 2014

I love the app, except it just quit working. I have only had it for a few weeks. What do I do to get it working again?


15 August 2014

I will not be buying. I had problems with picking up card. It also had North bidding when it didn't have enough trump. Game played to fast.


14 February 2014

The Ai isn't good when the game works properly and it has a tendency to play all 4 players by itself! You'd think if you can get a good euchre game on an iPhone, you should be able to get one on a windows 8 platform.


25 January 2014

This is a great game. You just need to know that the computer tries each time to replay the previous hand and that you then need to click the start a new hand button. Works like a charm!


15 January 2014

I like the game, it is a little quick if you are a card counter. Also it took a bit to get use to the order up and alone navigation. Overall a very good implementation.


9 January 2014

froze and quit working...shuckydarn!


24 November 2013

I can't really complain about the game AI - my win/loss stats are close to 50/50, and I would imagine it's pretty difficult to write a really good card game AI. The only complaint I have about the gameplay is that there's no option to play "farmer's hand", where a player can trade three cards in their hand for the three face-down cards in the kitty. If that's added, this will be just about perfect!

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