North Pole Invasion 2

Zombies have invaded the North Pole, infected the elves, and created a zombie elf army! Take control and help defend Santa's gift bag from the zombie elf invasion. Use your fingers or mouse to toss and fling the zombies around using an advanced ragdoll physics engine! Battle through 70 levels of intense physics action! Deploy a variety of physics based weapons to stop their attack. Spend your earned gifts in the Workshop to upgrade the 15 unlockable weapons! Timed Bonus Rounds keep the action going as you toss giant snowballs at the approaching zombie army. Score combos with freezing attacks and Peppermint Bombs!


  • Stellar art and animation.
  • 70 progressively difficult missions of addictive physics action. Starts off easy before leading you into over the top action.
  • Bring a friend! Up to 10 point multi-touch support for crazy ragdoll tossing action!
  • Survival Mode! How long can you survive against wave after wave of zombie elves?
  • Bonus rounds! Launch giant snowballs and smash invading zombie elves! Unlock more attacks as you progress.
  • 14 unique zombie types, each with their own powers, plus 5 big bosses to battle!
  • 15 physics based weapons to deal out massive damage to the zombie elf horde! Upgrade them in the Workshop!
  • Epic boss battles!

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12 December 2015

This game has awesome graphics!


31 May 2015

whist of time its not a good game at all and a fuck


16 February 2015



15 December 2014

fun game