Plan your daily NYC tour without missing anything; get alerts when you get nearer to some of NYC locations; over 700 places, locations and landmarks. For those already on the island, find out what is in your neighborhood or just in the radius of a 8-10 minute walk from you. Search NYC by interest Architect style, Place period, Your location, NYC builed by year or Place name. PLANNING Make your own My NYC map with the places you wish to visit and get notified on arrived or have already visited. Notification when you approach some place, location or landmark. TRUCK your walking tour and see it on map by day with possibility to calculate how much calories you spent Your markers will appear red on the map. Feature in app Tracking and Find my location. Socialize Post Landmarks or locations you visited on social networks and emails. Map Layers: historical district layer your markers.


  • Search NYC, be healthy, discovery New Nork City
  • NYC Landmark
  • NYC attractions
  • NYC History
  • New York

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13 September 2014

I just rediscovered my neighborhood love this app.