Office Depot

Find a store near you and check out the weekly deals offered at that store, or scroll through a list of stores in your area and view weekly deal offers for each.


  • Locate near stores.
  • Browse store weekly deals.
  • View deals and product descriptions.
  • Share deals and products with your friends.
  • Search for available deals.

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14 January 2015

After entering zipcode for store locator, it crashes. Continually crashes after that. Can't rate rest of app because I can't experience the rest of it.


4 January 2015

I have installed and uninstalled this multiple times. It just doesn't work. It asks for my location and once I select my location it will switch to my desktop. I go back to the app and it switches back to the desktop. Over and over again. Very frustrating. Very useless. Uninstalling for good.


18 December 2014

As soon as I enter my zip code, this app crashes. I cannot get this app to maintain a stable state long enough to actually look at the ad. Also, I had to uninstall the app (since it crashes on start up) reinstall the app just to activate the share charm to review. Now I will be uninstalling again.


27 November 2014

Unfortunately, the application seems to be very buggy; it crashes after I select a location. So far I have experienced this on all installations of the application, including those on separate machines.


13 September 2014

I love this app! Virginia Shuck!


1 August 2014



24 June 2014

On 8.1u1 x64, this crashed while looking for stores, or when I open the charms. Then, mysteriously, it started working when I switched back to it a couple days later, just intending to close it. But still, it was rather disappointing. When I added something to my cart, I just was directed to their web site.


29 March 2014



28 March 2014

The app does just what the title says. I would not expect anything less from a company that got acquired by another, BETTER company. Lazy programming!


25 March 2014

That is wounderful to use it

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