Offroad Tow Truck Driving

Drive Heavy Tow Truck, test your driving skills and become real car transporter Feel like a real monster tow truck driver by testing your driving skills in extreme winter weather and slippery snow road conditions. Tow Truck Driver Simulator will be a new entrant into your collection of top heavy equipment games. If you are a fan of driving heavy vehicles or a truck driving fanatic, this amazing game is the one you are looking for. So start your career as a tow truck driver and show your supremacy as we are looking for an experienced heavy vehicle driver to keep the city traffic flow smooth and steady. This unique game provides its users with easy game controls and fun levels. However, extreme weather conditions and slippery roads requires you to showcase your precise driving skills so that you can avoid colliding your monster truck into something but this is as easy as it gets because you can easily complete every mission of the game with few challenges. Unleash your precision driving skills in city traffic to make sure that you can handle and deliver expensive cars to distant places like garages and warehouses without damaging them even a bit. So take the challenge of performing this hard job because the money that you will earn would be far more than any other job. Steer your tow truck today by towing busted and stuck cars from highways and other streets of the city and delivering them to places where mechanics can fix them. Be a real car transporter and deliver cars to their final destination by driving monster truck through hidden driveways. Start your long days of tiring and hard work and become the most well reputed truck driver of the town. Tow Truck Driver Simulation consists of 6 different addictive missions. Due to heavy snowfall in the city, a number of cars and heavy drive vehicles are stuck in the snow and people are calling 911 for help. Perform your duty as a 911 heavy truck driver and tow modern & latest sports cars along with heavy vehicles to warehouses and garages before snow ruins the traffic order of the city. So what are you waiting for? Download this free kid's friendly game and start your transporter business today.


  • Realistic Snow City Environment, Realistic Drive Physics, Engaging and Addictive Gameplay, Tow Latest Sports Cars, Amazing 3D Graphics