Listen to your favorite song or create your own playlist on OneDrive using this app. OneJam is the true music player you need to enjoy music and media from your own OneDrive Account. You can upload your music to OneDrive and possess personal playlists that is accessible from all of your Microsoft devices.


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10 February 2015

It is a good app, a better interface to make it look more like a audio player could help a lot, But what it made me keep this app is that it streams it from your onedrive, other apps make the file/song available offline while playing.


6 November 2014

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7 August 2014

If you have music on OneDrive you really want to put into a playlist, you should download this app and try it out! It takes a while to assemble to playlist together, but once you've done that it makes it really easy to play music directly from OneDrive without saving it offline on your PC or phone. Hoping the developers will make it easier for OneDrive users to use the app by including some tutorials and more helpful, easier to read text that's grammatically sound.