Orange Shooter

Orange Shooter is a physics game where the player needs to shoot the orange near the tree. Difficult will increase, level by level. How to play: - Set arrow direction; - Set arrow power - Earn lives each 10 rounds - Difficult increase, level by level Privacy Policy: We save your game highscores giving you online ranking: best of day, best of the week and best highscores ever.


  • Game shooter
  • Shoot oranges

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29 November 2015

My name is willy my score is 100 maybe more after a while I love this game you have to shoot up to reach the orange ;) I love this game its really fun


5 July 2015

this games sucks I give it a 0


19 January 2015

it doesn't even work you aim it at the orange but doesn't shoot it to the orange I think you should take it off


14 November 2013

So hard to aim


20 July 2013

I could barely even get it to the tree with full power and it just flat out sucks. game is pointless and as complete waste of space on my laptop


26 March 2013

Don't wastevyour time with this game


20 October 2012

Doesn't really work.


13 October 2012

this app lacks so much of the fun factor, bad sounds (it keeps repeating), poor graphics and arrow rotation calculation. Need an instant improvement