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  • Supported processors: x64, x86
  • Language: English (United States) and 11 other languages ?
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    Organoid uses WNS (Windows Notification Service) for messaging. Organoid uses Windows Calendar to place incoming tasks & events as well as your own tasks & events. Organoid uses your OneDrive to keep app's profile in the cloud to provide messaging.


Internet organizer 👆 Just tap "share page" in your web browser to save links to YouTube videos, Instagram photos&videos, GIFs from Pinterest,DeviantArt,Giphy etc., pictures from other popular web-sites, posts & news from Twitter, LinkedIn etc., goods in online shops (eBay, AliExpress etc.), other web links - all will be kept on your personal Organoid database on your Windows phone or computer 👆 All Instagram photos and pictures from other web-sites (Pinterest, DeviantArt, Flickr, Giphy, Riffsy etc.) will be saved in Pictures\Organoid folder on your Windows device (available offline without an Internet connection) 👽 Create your favorite YouTube video collection and play YouTube videos inside the app. And send them to friends 👽 Play Instagram videos inside the app. And send them to friends 👆 Download Instagram videos to Videos\Organoid folder on your Windows device by one tap and play Instagram videos offline without an Internet connection 👽 Send to your friends and receive full-size videos located on OneDrive 👆 Play OneDrive videos inside the app or download by one tap to Videos\Organoid folder on your Windows device and play OneDrive videos offline without an Internet connection 👩👨 Congratulate your friends on holidays and birthdays by sending them animated GIFs using Organoid 👆 Just tap "share page" in your browser to save animated GIFs from popular web sites - DeviantArt.com, Giphy.com, Riffsy.com, Google Images, Instagram, Flickr.com, Pinterest.com and many others 👽 Send and receive messages, links to full-size YouTube videos, animated GIFs, photos, audios, appointments, questions, tasks, office docs to your friends and colleagues or keep them just for your personal use in your Organoid local database 👽 Tap SHARE PAGE in your mobile Internet Explorer appbar (...) menu or tap SHARE icon in the Microsoft Edge top right corner or just copy & paste any Internet page weblink into Organoid message input field to share animated GIFs, other pictures, videos, news, articles from various web sites on Organoid - YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Google Images, Flickr.com, DeviantArt.com, Giphy.com, Riffsy.com and many others 👽 Tap image in Google Images search results (such as "animated GIF" search context), then tap "Full-sized image", then tap SHARE PAGE to share image on Organoid 👽 Shared images, videos, links, articles and news are located in your Organoid personal database and you can tag them, set search filters and send them to your friends ✔ Tag your favorite videos and photos, important events and tasks for the fast search and categorization ✔ Organoid uses your OneDrive to keep the app's communication profile. Only your contacts can send you messages. Organoid does not use any central database or web server to keep your messages, all messages are kept only in your computer and in your addressee's computers. Incoming tasks and appointments fall into your Windows Calendar ✔ Turn ON OneDrive auto upload in your Windows settings and send photos, videos and entire OneDrive folders to your friends using Organoid in a couple of clicks 🚩 IMPORTANT! Please allow background run and push notifications in Windows Battery Saver Settings to provide background messaging for Organoid. Please TURN OFF Airplane Mode to allow background messaging for Organoid 👫👪💑👫👪 Messengers allow people to exchange messages - Organoid allows people to collaborate using multimedia messages


  • messages, questions, tasks & events: sending or just saving in your local database for personal use
  • collaboration features: creating events, appointments and tasks for your friends and colleagues
  • due dates and statuses for tasks
  • single or multiple addressees for messages
  • creating answers for incoming messages & questions
  • notifications & delivery confirmations
  • creating messages online & offline
  • synchronization with all your Windows devices
  • sending OneDrive photo, video, document & entire folder links using simple file picker
  • incoming and outgoing tasks and appointments fall into sender's and addressee's Windows Calendar
  • instant push notifications
  • receiving & sending messages in the background mode