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    New in version 2.6.5: • This update maybe fixes an issue where all your stored packages were deleted.

Package Tracker

Package Tracker is a tool for tracking the delivery status of packages on your Windows 10 and Windows Phone devices and supports over 60 carriers. Package Tracker saves you to visit the website of the respective carrier again and again and notifies you automatically with live tile updates (push notifications) when the status of a package has changed. When entering package numbers, the integrated barcode scanner will support you. Package Tracker is a universal app which means that you pay only once and you can download the app for all your compatible devices.


  • Cloud synchronization: Sync your packages and settings on all your Windows 10 and Windows Phone devices
  • Live tile updates (push notifications) for changes of the package status
  • Barcode scanner for scanning package labels
  • Bing map showing the last known position of a package
  • Webview showing the carrier's website
  • Pin packages to the start screen
  • Details of a package with complete tracking history
  • Share target for sharing tracking numbers from email
  • Share package status via mail
  • More than 60 carriers are available (if you miss any carrier, please contact us and tell us a corresponding tracking number!)

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2 December 2015

Had it for a short time now but seems to work o.k. I guess for $ 1.99 it's an alright app from the Windows Store. Merry X-mas everybody. Signed K.B.C.


25 November 2015

it has everything I could want out of a package tracker. Live tile, notification, device syncing... good job guys


16 October 2015

This App is fantastic for tracking packages. It sync's across devices and saves your package history using your Microsoft account. It has push notifications, provides a nice little "map view" of the progress and links to the provider website and lists about every provider on the planet but allows you to select only the ones you use. Simple, effective, perfect. Thanks!


25 August 2015

I love this app. Works so well I decided to pay for it. I use it on my PC, Surface, and Windows Phone and it fits all screen sizes perfectly. Thank you!


17 August 2015

This app was a breeze to setup on my Surface³ running Windows 10, my Windows Phone 8 and my Win8.1 Pro Laptop using the Cloud Sync feature! I was up and running in less than 10 minutes on all three devices.


31 July 2015

Awesomest app for tracking packages!


10 July 2015



22 June 2015

I no longer have to go to each individual site to track my packages. This program looks good and works good too!


23 May 2015

I absolutely love this app. I love that it syncs between my PC and phone. I love how simple it is, how many carriers it supports, the notifications letting me know something is sitting on my doorstep so I can grab it right away. Excellent app.


22 May 2015

For a long time, this app worked great, but I hadn't used it in a while until today. Three times today, the app will suddenly refresh and all of the packages I was tracking will be gone. Very frustrating. This app is not very useful if you have to keep inputting the tracking numbers over and over for all the packages. I paid $2.50 for this buggy piece of crap.

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