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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    - Selected online storage provider is saved - Warning message shown when faxing to more expensive numbers - Decreased upload time when sending a scanned document - When a document was selected added the ability to bypass adding a cover page - Stability improvements


PamFax – Complete Fax Solution Sign in with your existing PamFax account or create a new account for free. See introductory offer for new users below. With PamFax for Windows 8/8.1 you can: - Easily fax anywhere from anywhere worldwide in a few simple steps - Send documents in more than 100 different formats - Send online documents from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive & OneDrive - Receive faxes directly to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive & OneDrive - Scan documents directly from PamFax - Add cover pages or use your own custom cover page templates User driven fax-on-demand - Free registration includes 3 outbound pages and one month inbound fax number - No credit card or payment required to sign up - PamFax Credit packs start at $13; credit does not expire - Price per page starting at US$0.10 - Free fax to other PamFax numbers - No monthly cost. No hidden costs! - Subscription plans for inbound numbers in 31 countries with unlimited inbound fax pages - Send/receive faxes across multiple platforms For businesses that find they need to fax a document PamFax offers a universal fax-on-demand, cloud-based service that sends faxes worldwide. Subscription plans combine one inbound fax number, available in 31 countries, with unlimited received pages. Unlike email fax offerings, PamFax documents are securely delivered directly to the application, avoiding email or printed fax machine delivery. Whether you’re office-bound or a road warrior the PamFax application on iPhones, iPads, Android, BlackBerry 10 -- as well as Windows and Mac PCs -- provides the flexibility to adapt to all your fax requirements. PamFax does even more… - Manage and view all fax and account activities from within the application - (optional) Port current fax number - subscription required - Totally secure: fully encrypted transmissions - Access your archive of sent and received faxes, accessible within the application - Fax preview before sending - Unlimited received fax pages with inbound fax number - Notifications re. inbound and outbound fax activity delivered via email, SMS or Skype - Universal: supported on any PC, smartphone or tablet device - Company Manager creates accounts, assigns PamFax credits and tracks activity (Pro Plan required)


  • Easy fax sending and receiving
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Multi-Language support
  • Low rates
  • Free to sign up
  • No monthly cost
  • No credit card required to sign up
  • No ads

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19 February 2015

They said 3 free pgs. but asked me to buy credits I wouldn't have even cared I just need to fax and my truck is in the shop so cant get anywhere But there is no button to pay so I figured I would try to fax anyway maybe ill get the 3 free faxes HOLY HANNA it said SUCCESS but when I checked my sent files there's nothing come on guys fix the thing b4 you put it on line to use BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR YOUR TIME


21 January 2015

The software has basic glitches such as not informing you why it could not create the user name. It was not clear if the receiver field was for a name or for a fax number. Once I finally created the fax and cover, I was told that it would cost me $14 to send a three page fax !


15 December 2014

I attempted to send a fax with the app, but was not able to select a country. The app used the first 2 numbers of the area code as a country code and attempted to fax it to Greece. I ended up using the web portal to get the fax sent. One other thing, you get $.35 credit to send your first 3 pages for free. The misfire to Greece, even though it failed still counted for $.20 of that credit in the app and would not let me fax another one costing $.12. Luckily the web site didn't have this problem.


1 December 2014

I use PamFax regularly for my occasional faxing needs. I like the service and apps (I use one on my Android phone, Windows 7 laptop, occasionally online through browser interface and now on Windows 8). Everything works as it should, although mobile app and Windows 8 app lacks delayed send feature. If it was not for this lack I would give the app 5 stars.


23 October 2014

The download don't recognize PDF's. Must login to online portal to send anyway. Useless


30 September 2014

downloaded and tried to send a test fax. Their page said as low as .10 per page. Well a simple fax with just a coverpage was $5.25!!!!!! What a waste of my time to find that out!!!!!!!!


29 September 2014

no trouble signing up and was able to send initial 2 page fax plus cover sheet at no cost. when I did internet search supposed to connect to Skype but so far unable to synch or use Skype phone number. also thought I could use the Skype account credit to pay for Pam fax but unable to do so. So far have not taken credits nor have phone (fax) number.


28 March 2014

Don't waste your time on this or Fax Document still trying to get my $19.99 back .


16 December 2013

I tried a zillion times to send a fax. It didn't work...... the dots just kept circling around and around.


10 September 2013

This is a great app if you don't have a fax machine. It works great and easily as advertised.

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