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  • Category: Tools
  • Published by: Gergely Kalapos ?
  • Size: 2.8 MB
  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English (United States)
  • Learn more: Website & Support
  • Notes: (27. Jan. 2018) -New feature: ‘Go To WebSite’ button. Can be turned on under ‘Settings’ (1. Jan. 2018) -Fixing issues with focus for notes and group name (16. Dec. 2017) -New feature: printing passwords to paper (use it with caution!) -Bugfix: modified username/pw cpy to clipboard contained old values (26 Jun. 2017) -In some rare cases with Pro version UI still showed the basic version. This updated fixes this. (17 Jan. 2017) -UI improvements -Fix: Max. number of items was limited around 100-150 (20 Nov. 2016): -New feature: users can add Notes to every item (by default this feature is turned off, it can be turned on under "Settings") -UI improvements -Snow theme added for Dec. (5. March 2016) : -Fix: Migration problem when an update is skipped causing corrupted file (14. Febr. 2016) : -New feature: change master password -Improved keyboard handling -Improved UI feedback for long running operations -Handling the same domain for multiple items -Fix: Creating new item without username crashed -Fix: Modification of password/username Version -Minor UI changes for Mobile -Reordering Items -Modify existing items -Introduced Pro Version -Grouping in Pro -Winter holiday ed., -Added Win10 Support -Ads can be removed with IAP


PasswordWallet is a tool to store your passwords and usernames for different domains. You can easily copy and paste the stored items with the buttons on the tiles. FAQ: http://kalapos.net/Projects/passwordwallet-faq Website: http://kalapos.net/Projects/PasswordWallet The App uses Pbkdf2 to encrypt all the passwords and usernames. All the Data stored on the local computer is encrypted and derived from the master password over a multiple layer encryption system. So the master password is not only a log-in credential but a part of the cryptography layer of the App. The developer is not responsible for damages caused by irresponsible use!


  • Store Usernames and passwords
  • Easy copy and paste
  • Toast Notification
  • Rotable Tiles
  • Grouping Password
  • Store Notes

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17 March 2015

I have been using it for a while and have had few problems, except maybe the lack of instructions. The only issues I have run into is the lack of an edit to change passwords for sites that require you to change your password ever so often. To get around this, you have to delete the panel and recreate one with the new information. It took a while to find out how to do it, but to delete a panel, click on the panel you want to delete, then right-click the background. Remove should appear in the bottom left of the screen.


8 March 2013

I wouldn't put important things on there. They could hack it. If you want to put an e-mail username and password, title it as em. That way, if it is hacked, they wouldn't know what to hack. Oh, and when you want to delete something, right click the background. It took me a while to figure out.


5 December 2012

not sure yet what to think of it

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