PC Benchmark

Jujuba Software PC Benchmark is a versatile benchmark for measuring speed of main computer components: System storage (HDD or SSD), CPU, Memory and GPU. This app is particularly handy on ARM-based Windows RT devices that lack way to test the speed of their components. Our application includes several speed test suites: SSD/HDD, CPU, GPU, RAM. It also runs a special multithreaded speed test to test how well does CPU distribute workload across multiple cores.


  • SSD Speed Test
  • HDD Speed Test
  • CPU Speed Test
  • GPU Speed Test
  • RAM Speed Test
  • Multithreaded speed test

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26 March 2016

Does not allow me to choose what disk is being tested.


14 February 2016

ive used pc benchmark several times andits always behaved like its supposed to


10 July 2015

Only wish I knew what the numbers actually represent.


6 June 2015

Just numbers, most of them don't make sense


8 April 2015

This app is very user friendly, if you want a quick way to see you computers speeds, this app is for you!!


17 February 2015

Very nice, very clean looking. Would be nicer if it could benchmark the Micro SD card as well.


14 December 2014

UI design is nice. Would like a easier way to share save and compare.


19 November 2014

keep it simple... Works great for quick pc self diagnostics. It will be interesting to see the author introduces a more feature rich upgrade application to the module.


2 November 2014

Ok it runs a test and shows you u're scores but I think there also should be a compare list so that it can allows you to see how good your points are.


16 July 2014

Works, but there is no standard to compare to. Also, it doesn't save your results...... look elsewhere.

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