Personal data encryptor

Personal Data Encryptor helps you to protect your sensitive data, providing the necessary tools for encryption, keeping them in a safe place away from curious eyes. Personal Data Encryptor is an app with the look and feel elegant and is very intuitive. It allows you to create as many accounts as you want, to encrypt and store your files, your credentials and text messages. Personal Data Encryptor respects the Metro style of Windows 8. Your data is secure: - The app does not connect to any service or site outside of your devices (tablets, PCs, laptops); - The data is encrypted with the AES algorithm; - The password for access to the data is not saved in the clear, but is masked by the SHA256 algorithm; - Create backup archives that you can store on the same device, to an external drive or on OneDrive.


  • Managing multiple accounts;
  • The password reset function;
  • Assist you in data entry by showing you the errors;
  • Crypt files, credentials and messages;
  • Sharing encrypted messages;
  • Settings search filters to find the encrypted data;
  • OneDrive Backup and Restore function;
  • The function to generate password;
  • Performs Log Off after a period of inactivity.