PhatPad for Windows A uniquely powerful brainstorming tool, PhatPad turns users mobile devices into an idea hub where they're free to handwrite notes with either their finger or a stylus, throw in custom drawings, and do so while ensuring that shapes and words all come out graphically sound and perfectly legible via advanced handwriting recognition and enhancement technology. The concept behind PhatPad is eloquently simple - give mobile users a note taking platform with the power and flexibility to become a self contained experience from where they can jot down ideas, bolster them with visual aides, and share finished ideas with anyone they'd like to in real time. To that end the app even includes a fully featured Presentation mode which lets users show off their notes to local collaborators in addition to its diverse array of digital sharing options. Users can also rest easy knowing that their notes have a place in the cloud - notes can be saved to SkyDrive and accessed from anywhere regardless of which device they utilize. PhatPad is as technically impressive as it is conducive to creative openness. Legions of apps let users scribble down their thoughts, but PhatPad isn't any app. Digital ink technology guarantees notes all seem fluid, while advanced word and shape recognition tech effortlessly transform notes into written text and hand-drawn images into perfect shapes in an instant. Voice note features enable users to include audio notes on demand, while handwriting recognition supports eleven global languages. Put down your notebook and step into a new era of note taking with PhatPad. PhatPad's key features include: * Smooth-flowing digital ink technology, which lets users scribble notes as if they are writing on real paper; * The ability to combine drawing, handwritten text, images, and digital text on the same document page to create media-rich content; * A powerful multilingual handwriting recognition engine, which automatically converts handwritten notes into text; * Voice notes - record, play, and use in presentation mode; * An advanced Presentation mode, which allows recording and playing unattended presentations by synchronizing document pages and voice; * PhatPad Document sharing using SkyDrive, Box, Google Drive or Dropbox synchronization and PhatPad app on iOS and Android devices.


  • Smooth-flowing digital ink technology
  • Multilingual handwriting recognition engine
  • Voice notes - record, play, and use in presentation mode
  • SkyDrive, Box, Google Drive and Dropbox synchronization
  • Advanced Presentation mode
  • Geometrical shapes recognition

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2 January 2015

not intuitive. too difficult to just take notes. other features interfere


10 July 2014

Win 8 Dell tablet Only issue is the menu bar on locked. Makes potrait view virtually useless!


9 July 2013

Handwriting recognition is not intuitive and difficult to engage. Uninstalled INCLUDED ONE NOTE MUCH BETTER !


4 April 2013

ink is slow and spotty. Documentation is for iPad version and does not correspond to Windows version. Many commands are missing. Unusable


16 March 2013

This app has potential to be an excellent handwritten notes app. But right now ink is laggy and there are gaps that sometimes appear in my handwriting when using a capacitative stylus. It'd get more stars if: 1. Ink was faster and more fluid on a Surface RT. 2. There was a simple gesture (such as a tripletap with the stylus?) to switch between write and pan mode. Right now you have to swipe for the menu.


4 March 2013

Yes, you can write on it with a stylus, but I made pages and pages of text to go with my drawings and now EVERYTHING is gone. Apparently text doesn't save. no clear notice of this, what Is the point of converting handwriting to text if it just deletes them? Im very dissatisfied


25 February 2013

The audio note recording doesn't work right. keeps resetting itself. very disappointed.


24 February 2013

I have used PhatPad with other platforms, and this Windows 8 version is as intuitive and easy to use as the other versions. I especially love the excellent handwriting conversion feature which I love using in my business environment. Well done!


3 February 2013

After being relatively happy with the version for Ipad and Android, I was happy to see a version for Win8. What a disappointment. Much harder to control and no handwriting panel. You have to write everything out, stop and select and then hope it recognizes everything you wrote. Not user friendly at all.


29 January 2013

I've used PhatPad on Windows Mobile before. This version has almost everything I need except for file sharing feature which exists in iOS version. Still has some nice touches that are not on the iPad.

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