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  • Published by: Niepel Adriane und Wickel Ricardo GbR ?
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    Version: 2.0.0, 18.05.2014 Updated for Windows 8.1 New Features - Support for big app tile (new in Windows 8.1) - Support for big secondary tiles (new in Windows 8.1) - Support for new raw formats (See at Microsoft Update pages for news - Support for printing - Support for PlayTo feature - Display and editing of standard and extended image/file properties Fixes - Improved performance an all platforms: ARM, x86, x64 More Infos: http://photosplus-app.azurewebsites.net/ReleaseNotes


PhotosPlus offers you the opportunity to look at pictures in a gallery. It focuses especially on providing such functions, which current photo gallery programs for Windows 8 do not offer. Thus, for example, arbitrary folders can be included (including external devices, networks, ...), shortcuts on any folder can be created (using tiles) and folders are can be marked as private. In addition to this, we support RAW formats, as long as they are included in the MS codec pack. These are also constantly expanding. This app will be constantly evolving so that we can assist you in critical areas with more features. For this, please use the feedback function, comments and / or the support contact.


  • Look at your photos as thumbnails or full screen.
  • Get direct Access to photos in the image library and external devices (USB drive, CD, etc.).
  • Include any folder in addition to the Pictures Library (any location on your computer / tablet, external devices, networks, etc.).
  • Create shortcuts to any folder on your start screen.
  • Mark folders as private and hide as soon as you need it.
  • Choose images that are displayed as a folder image.
  • Share your photos with others without leaving the app.
  • Support all RAW formats from MS codec pack
  • Support screen rotation
  • Support deletion of one or more images in folder view and in fullscreen mode
  • Support open PhotosPlus from Windows Explorer
  • Support private folders also on main screen
  • Print any images
  • Play images on other devices (eg, TV)
  • Display and editing of standard and extended image/file properties

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9 June 2015

ez to use., making new folders is a breeze,, I am not sure how it works if pc restarts and back up fails which sometimes happens with windows 8 but I will find out today whn I am told it will restart . I recommend SO FAR,,


30 April 2014

Does not open your basic Nikon RAW image (.NEF file).


2 October 2013

I installed this app because it came up in the list as one that could open an .eps file. Not only did the file not really open, it appears the app itself doesn't support any sort of file editing.


6 May 2013

Not bad. Like the intended features, but lack of rotation support, bug in displaying portrait photos, and dependency on Library indexing, versus files, all makes toward work is still needed.