Piano 1

Piano 1 is a 97-key multi-touch virtual piano, with Pitch shift with adjustable steps in cents, on top of 3 different Reference Piano Frequencies (A4 440 / C4 261.63, C4 256, C4 220). It also features a configurable Metronome, adjustable Release Time, 2-4 visible octaves, virtual LCD, and more. Piano 1 supports computers/tablets with multitouch screen, keyboard and mouse input. * For best sound experience please connect the sound output to good speakers or to the home theater amplifier. * Please contact us at the support email for any questions/feedback.


  • 97-key virtual piano (C0-C8 or G0-G8) with 2-4 visible octaves
  • Pitch shift (tuning) with programmable steps (0.1, 1, 2, 10, 100, 200 cents)
  • Configurable Metronome with virtual LED
  • Adjustable release time (3 positions)
  • 3 different reference frequencies (A4 440 / C4 261.63, C4 256, C4 220)
  • Virtual LCD for keys' frequencies, pitch shift display, successive keys' tonal distance
  • Piano keys' frequencies appearance option (also) on top of the keys
  • European or US notation on top of the keys
  • Keys' size change
  • Show keyboard-to-piano keys' correspondence
  • Volume Control (logarithmically, and independent of computer’s volume control)
  • Adjustable app width (to be used in parallel with your favorite eBook reader)
  • Piano background image selection
  • Multi-touch, keyboard, and mouse input

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10 June 2014

Well designed. I like the piano pitch shift feature and the frequencies display.