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    Added: Support for double wide notes! Updated: When you edit or remove a note that is pinned, you will get the option to updated or remove the note too. Updated: Higher resolution splash screen. Fixed: Many of the crashes related to pinning a note.


Do you wish you could stick a note to your start screen? NOW YOU CAN! Pin-a-note, allows you to store your notes in this fantastic application, and then pin any to the start screen so you can easily seen them at any point! Your notes will also travel from device to device, thanks to the power of the cloud!


  • Pin notes to your start screen
  • Roam notes from device to device
  • Share notes to other applications
  • Share text to pin-a-note
  • Search your notes easily

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5 September 2014

Really usefull App and the best is that you can pin it to the main screen and watch the notes as real sticky notes but you can't change fonts, colors of the paper, the size of the Font. There are better ones like Quick Notes. Thanks tough!


5 May 2014

Great to use, not too fancy. Bold font & bright colour, unlike Windows' existing Sticky Notes app. I use it to motivate myself, and the bright yellow helps me lots. :) All the other apps look boring in comparison.


15 April 2014

Wish I cold change the color of the note and that it let me resize from the start screen. Other than that, nice idea.


23 November 2013

There are too many things I don't like about this, but I will say that I like the face that it can be pinned to the start menu. I liked that it was supported in snap mode, but I can't even add another note while I'm in there :(. Bug to fix maybe? Oh, and let me change colors and let me change my font and oh...let me type on the note itself! That was just weird (or too different) for me.


16 July 2013

I ABSOULOUTLY LOVE THIS APP! It does everything it says! I would like the option to make the tile of the note bigger and change the size of the text so things don't get cut off, but its still the best app!


11 July 2013

The idea is great and it's super sexy, but editing is for crap. It should open to a Microsoft Word or Notepad looking thing for editing, then show the abbreviated version on the tile.


26 March 2013

only thing missing is the option to change the color of the notes, enabled easy organization and clasification


10 January 2013

I have been looking for a simple to use sticky note program. This seems to fit the bill. Does pretty much everything Win 7 sticky note did.


16 November 2012

İt stucks and cant uninstall it also when try to star and touch it it goes store page and said already installed this application


31 October 2012

When adding a sticky note there is no way to enter a new line, hitting the enter key simply saves the sticky note. The notes that you pin also do not update if you change the contents of the note, you have to repin it

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