Pisa Tower Casino - Italian Slots

Italian Free Slots is your chance to play slots in the land of dolce vita and the country that has given us Vespas and pizzas. Join Italian girls and guys as they take you through a tour of the Tower of Pisa and the Colosseum. Prep up a little because besides excellent gaming skills you will also need an eye for fashion, food, and life. Italian Free Slots is the world’s trendiest and most delicious game of slots, where every player gets the authentic, warm Italian treatment as he or she goes about gambling and making it really big. Download this game if you are a fan of multi-reel slots casinos. Italian Free Slots is an HD game with a ton of authentic sounds. It is time to touch down on the land of Ferrari and Gucci and play the most thrilling game of slots every. You may have come across several slot games, but we promise, no one can match the offer we make through this gaming monster. Let’s start gambling and winning. Features - Generous payouts - Free coins to get you going - Amazing jackpots and coin bonuses - HD graphics - Authentic sounds - FREE news games being added each week - More going available at low prices - Big time bonuses


  • Exciting Multislot Adventure
  • Different Bonus Games and Surprises!
  • Exciting Mini Games
  • Free coins to get you on your journey
  • Easy to play and control